Current investments

Since the 1970’s Software Holdings has invested in a number technology focused and SaaS companies. Some of the more memorable investments include:

  • BoozeBud – online alcohol retailer. Acquired by CUB.
  • Interactive Accounting – providing accounting services to SaaS businesses.
  • Practice Ignition – SaaS practice management software for professional services firms.
  • FreightExchange – SaaS logistics management software for bulk freight across South-East Asia.
  • Easy Agile – SaaS for agile software development teams.
  • – SaaS digital assistant for small businesses providing real-time accounting / payroll / business data to owners.
  • Good Thnx – SaaS gifting and recognition platform.
  • SquarePeg Agency – SaaS for connecting flexible talent with local businesses.
  • Techniche – enable customers to manage their facilities, assets and networks, optimizing performance and ensuring compliance
  • Relay – Banking designed for growing businesses
  • Pick & Shovel Ventures – investing in founders who want to lead profitable technology companies
  • Boozebud – Online marketplace for alcohol producers to list their products for sale, direct to consumers.
  • FirstBase – Offers tech entrepreneurs a way to quickly and easily set up U.S. based companies.

Of course, we’ve also had a failures over the years – great learning experiences and rewarding in their own right.