Software Holdings

Who is Software Holdings

Software Holdings is an established consulting and investment business and has been investing in two broad sectors since the early 1970’s, namely:- technology & software companies for growth and commercial property for investment security.

Investment Objectives

The objective of Software Holdings is the preservation and growth of the income stream and asset base from our investment portfolio.

What do we do

Software Holdings provides business mentoring, advisory services and seed financing to IT start-ups with the emphasis on providers of SaaS type services.

Advisory & Support Services

Software Holdings provides a number of external business partners that may assist with the establishment and ongoing management of your start-up.


Software Holdings requires monthly updates from portfolio companies so we know how and where we can provide perspective and be of assistance to your start-up.

Community Responsibility

Software Holdings is well aware of its community responsibilities and the well being of our local community and environment.

Software Holdings has made and continues to make donations to a broad range of community organisations. Typically these organisations are local so we can work with community partners and determine how the funds are best deployed.