Welcome to
Software Holdings

We are a family office which partners with 
bootstrapped and profitable software companies 
that wish to scale up and have an impact on their community.

Established in the 1970s we’ve been providing advisory
services to the IT&T industry for 50 years and investing in
software businesses for 30 years.

Investment Thesis

Our focus is independent software companies that desire to raise once, get to profitability, and grow sustainably over time. Our aim is to invest and hold for the long term, reinvesting dividends in future portfolio companies.

We are inspired by the IndieConf, MicroConf, Small Giants and More Good Jobs movements.

Software Holdings has invested in an extensive
portfolio of technology focused and SaaS companies

Our Partners

We engage and work with external
business partners that can provide
guidance and perspective on your
company’s scaling up journey.

Our Expectations

We request monthly updates from portfolio companies so we know how and where we can provide perspective and be of assistance.