Software Holdings awarded Development Project with East Arnhem Shire Council

AmerIndo awarded Development Project with East Arnhem Shire Council

Software Holdings through its subsidiary AmerIndo, has been awarded a software development project with East Arnhem Shire Council. The project will commence on 1st December 2011 and will require the formation of a five person software development team based in our office in Jakarta.

Currently maintenance trades staff engaged by the East Arnhem Shire Council, are issued with paper based work orders from the existing system. Although the paper based system is relatively easy to use, the maintenance trades staff often enter incorrect maintenance and job codes, and ignore the other business rules contained in a work order.

In broad terms the task is to redevelop the job maintenance system and replace the paper based methodology with an iPad, iPhone or tablet based mobile application. This would enable seamless integration of the existing internal system with the trade staff out in the field.

The proposed application would not only issue work orders to the respective maintenance personnel by mobile application, but would automate the collection of job completion details and at the same time eliminate the possibility of entering incomplete or inaccurate information through the mobile device.

The project development team based in Jakarta have been selected based on their experience and skills in mobile application and database systems development. The team will be led by a senior programmer/project manager and the estimated duration of the project is approximately three months from commencement.

Subject to satisfactory completion of this initial project, the East Arnhem Shire Council have indicated they will be prepared to award extension projects and complimentary tasks to AmerIndo  through their facilities in Jakarta.