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Software Holdings provides advice and assistance to established IT companies and Start-ups.

We focus our energy on developing a business strategy, business plan, arranging financing and building great teams,

who can address an identified target market and scale the business.

Our services are tailored to the Founders, management team and key individuals of IT Start-ups.

From seed funding to outsourced software development teams, to online marketing, we’ve got it covered.

And, if there is a question we can’t answer or a service we can’t provide, then we will put you in touch with someone who can.

Over the past 50 years Software Holdings has established eighteen IT businesses and provided assistance to many more.

So reach out today and contact us for an informal chat regarding your needs.


Software Holdings provides hands-on management and advisory services for start-ups. We assist in the preparation of a detailed business plan and the on-going development of your start-up in line with this plan.

We assist by convening and attending a regular business & management review meetings to review progress against pre-set project milestones and set action plans for the coming period. We attend other management meetings or client briefings as required.

Software Holdings provides seed capital and business funding in certain circumstances. The amount of seed capital and equity would vary for each start-up based on the status of the start-up and the scale of support services required. As a guide seed funding ranges between $25,000 and $250,000 and equity ranges from 5% – 25%.


Peter J Muldoon


Peter J Muldoon is the Founder and Managing Director of Software Holdings.

Peter commenced his career with IBM in the mid-sixties and has worked continuously in the information technology and

telecommunications sectors for over 45 years.

Over this period Peter has been instrumental in the start-up and

management of fifteen IT businesses.

Over the past 45 years, Peter has worked in sales,

sales-management, marketing, operations, systems design

and development, project management,

business and general management,

strategic planning, strategy implementation,

change-management, business acquisitions and

integration and business restructuring.

Peter is a Director and investor in a number of private IT and

investment companies.

Nicholas J Muldoon

Founder & Managing Director – Arijea Products
Director – Software Holdings.
B. Bus Admin (Macquarie University), Pragmatic Marketing Certified, Agile Evangelist.

In October 2015 after returning to Australia, Nicholas with his co-founder Dave Elkin, have established an Atlassian focussed products development company Arijea, at the University of Wollongong, iAccelerate campus.

Prior to this, Nicholas was the Agile evangelist at Twitter based in San Francisco for two & half years. Before Twitter he was the Agile Evangelist for Atlassian, where he worked closely with customers helping to ensure that they experience the maximum benefit from Agile development practices and processes.

Nicholas is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on topics related to Agile, DevOps, Agile marketing and business innovation. Over the last couple of years Nicholas has presented papers at Agile Australia, Agile China, Agile Japan, Atlassian Summits in USA & Australia and other international conferences in Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, Huston, Zurich, Beijing and Tokyo.


Software Holdings a specialist consulting business providing business mentoring, advisory services and seed financing to start-up companies with the emphasis on providers of SaaS type services. These advisory and support services include: strategic planning, product and market positioning, budgeting and cash flow planning, sales & marketing, staffing, general management, financial management and in certain instances seed capital.

Software Holdings has been instrumental in the establishment and management of a number of wholly owned IT service companies plus a numerous start-ups, including:

Computer Technology

Computer Concepts

Optus FTU Support

Quik in-Sure

Tilda Communications

SilverData IT Solutions

WebAxis Australia

Cam1 Computer Solutions

Blue Mountains IT

Easy Agile



Refresh Bins

Dedicated IT




Round Payments




Software Holdings has provided strategic consulting services to numerous service providers, software developers and Internet related start-ups in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Indonesia.

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